Network Relationships

Networking does not necessarily mean attending as many events as possible. It also does not necessarily mean collecting load of business card or having a robust database. Networking is essentially building a network of relationships. It is about establishing a support system which is both beneficial, viable and productive. In order to create the ideal network (s), it take time, commitment and attention to detail.

This article shares practical tips for developing and fostering quality relations for dynamic networks.

Know Your Network

Although, you may have hundreds of connections via online or in person, do you really know the individuals in your network? Consider creating subcategories or groups of people to better manage your relationships. Of course, give certain preferences to groups which have stronger connections and touch points. Learn about these individuals, their associations and how they add value to you and others.

Position Your Network

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networking for business growth
Networking Is the Solution for Business Growth

Interacting with influential people in parties, and collecting their visiting cards is just a touch point. Capitalizing your business on this network is totally a different ball game.

It requires due diligence and dedication over the years to build a relationship for a solid network. Once you have done it becomes a derivative to your success.

Networking should not be a temporary activity, it has to be an ongoing process, even when you are not at your desk. Aspiring business leaders have to learn the strategic networking technique for rapid business growth.

Primary reasons for networking

Why is it desirable to build a network with influential people and business groups of your domain?

· Immediate access to all service providers and vendors. · Quick response rate for contract base hiring. · Full extension to peers help. · Never face an issue of work crisis. · Referrals from the third party. · Updates on the latest trends and technology related to your business. · Share ideas with similar business groups.

Common Business Networking Mistakes

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