300% UP TO $3,000


CasinoMax also offers a number of special gaming events. These range from free spins on various slots to free spins on video poker machines.

  • Owner Entertainment Software Group N.V.
  • Year 2017
  • Licenses Curaçao
  • Live Chat Yes
  • Languages Supported English,French,German,Norwegian,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Swedish
  • Providers Realtime Gaming, Visionary iGaming and Spinlogic Gaming
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Methods American Express Bank Wire Transfer Diners Club Credit Check/Cheque MasterCard Credit Visa Credit Bitcoin Cash Discover Ethereum Litecoin Bitcoin
  • Company Website
  • Good selection of games
  • So far good reputation, online since 2017
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • So far good reputation, online since 2017

CasinoMax is an online casino that was launched in late 2017 by the Casinos of Curacao. Since its launch, it has attracted quite a number of visitors with its pleasantly generous bonus offers and impeccable customer service. In this review we will examine whether CasinoMax delivers on its promises or not. We will also look at the reasons why other casinos choose to avoid using CasinoMax.

Benefits of playing in CasinoMax

Firstly we will look at the benefits of CasinoMax. As mentioned in the preamble to this review, it is widely recognised as one of the top online casinos for players. In terms of bonus structure, bonuses are offered at a rate of ten percent above the actual cash value of the deposits made. This gives players a very attractive proposition. Apart from the attractive bonuses, CasinoMax is renowned for its excellent customer support and the provision of extra incentives such as free spins when players sign up with new accounts.

From the outset it is worth looking at the different aspects of CasinoMax to see if it meets the expectations of its visitors. For instance, is it worthwhile signing up? And does it come with any extra benefits? In this review we will examine both.

Like many casinos, CasinoMax features an exclusive progressive jackpot structure. In its most basic form, progressive jackpots can be increased by wagering money taken from the ATM at the casino itself. However, because of the generous bonuses available to players, this wagering option is often used to induce new customers. In this respect, wagering money is added to the promotional bonus pool, which is then divided between a number of promotional offers including card games, slot games and bingo. In essence, the more money a player contributes to the promotion, the greater the odds of winning against that player.

As part of the welcome bonus offered to new players, CasinoMax also offers a number of special gaming events. These range from free spins on various slots to free spins on video poker machines. In addition to being awarded with these free bonuses, players may sometimes win entries into “special contests” that have jackpots of several thousand dollars each. These “contests” are often held as a way of encouraging new players to stick with the casino. At the end of the event, a percentage of all winning entries is taken as a cut for the gaming company.

Registering free casino account

When players sign up with CasinoMax, they are encouraged to open a free casino account. Although players do not receive any cash deposits directly, they are offered the opportunity to make money on the ” Wagering Requirements”. The wagering requirements include the use of a debit or credit card in order to facilitate deposits and withdrawals. Some of these requirements include the use of an internet account to facilitate payments, as well as the requirement to have a certain amount of money in your bank account.

A large number of the bonuses offered by CasinoMax are given to “Wagering Resistance” members. These members may be offered a bonus of up to ten percent when they first sign up. This percentage increase is not advertised by CasinoMax, but it is one of many benefits that can be found by playing with the site. By paying the monthly fee required by the Wagering Resistance member, casinos can increase their own bankrolls without adding more individuals to the actual pool of players.

To increase your odds of qualifying for a deposit bonus, it is wise to play in games with minimal table sizes. If you are in a live game and make a successful deposit, it is very likely that you will get a larger bonus the next time you play. The promotions of this site are similar to those of online casinos, but it is important to remember that the main attraction of CasinoMax is its bonuses. Players interested in finding out more about the bonuses offered by the site should visit its website for additional information.